Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Balancing Life

This will probs be a short post because I'm 'supposed' to be working at the moment.

Anyway, I'm a pretty organized person, right? I keep track of what needs to be done and when, I make lists, I keep my calendar well-updated, but what happens after that?

When it comes to school, yeahhh i procrastinate. We all know that, but I know precisely how long I have to procrastinate and always try to get the easy things done first to extend that time. I'm okay with losing a little sleep here and there for school, whatever.

But HOW do you balance your HOBBIES?!

I have too many.

Too many that I want to do now. But of course, they take time. I don't have enough time to do them. I don't want to stay up all night crafting - as fun as it is. I just can't justify that bit to myself.

Whenever I have free time, half of it is spent wondering what I want to do.

Do I want to read? (I have two books currently that I'm reading, so which one?)
Do I want to write? (Writing takes a lot of time and energy from me.)
Do I want to paint my nails? (I rarely do nail art anymore.)
Do I want to play video games? (WHICH ONE DO I PLAY!?)
Do I want to watch TV, or Netflix? (Can I do that while doing something else?)
Do I want to work on my rug? (Yes, I am making a rug right now.)
Do I want to sleep?
Do I want to hang with friends?
Do I want to draw, or paint?
Do I want to play Pokemon? (Online trading card game or my emulator?)

It's too difficult to decide! Sometimes, I try to do multiple at a time, but that doesn't always work either.

Does anyone else ever have this problem or is it just me?

<3 Tawny

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easier Said Than Done

"I'm going to stop procrastinating from this point on!"

"I'm finally caught up on my work, I should work ahead!"

"I'm going to do my homework as soon as it's assigned!"

Yeahhh riight.. How many of you have told yourself these phrases or something along those lines?
*Raising my hand*
*Raising my hand*
Me too.

In fact, last night, after my night class, I realized that I had a lot of stuff to get finished before May, so I decided that I was going to stay up all night and get the bulk of my workload completed so that I wouldn't need to be as stressed in my last couple weeks before finals/graduation. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. By midnight I was already feeling tired, by 1:30am I was battling the weight of my eyelids. I was in bed by 1:45am. I got 1.3 assignments completed. *sigh*

I honestly do not know how most of ya'll do it. All nighters for projects, exams, movie marathons, insomnia, random homework assignments, etc. My resolve just is not that strong.

So yeah, pretty much all three of those phrases above were combined and spilled out my mouth with extreme determination.

"I'm going to catch up on my assignments, work ahead, and lessen my workload so that I don't fall behind during finals and I'm ultimately less stressed."

Silly me. I failed. I got what I needed done for the next day, and I really tried to work ahead, but I was defeated by my own brain. Silly brain, trying to keep my healthy with sleep. Pshh.

But, momma didn't raise no quitter! Today, I've already completed one assignment not due until May 3. It was short, easy, and I had time. Score!

How awesome am I? I'm writing a blog post, about how I'm trying to be proactive and not procrastinate, while I'm Not accomplishing that goal at the moment by writing this blog.

Yayyyy! Contradictions.

Hopefully though, even though I didn't get everything done that I wanted to get done last night/this morning, I can do it all tonight. Because then I have even More that I need to get done tomorrow.

I hate my life right now...

23 days left until Graduation and counting. Thank goodness.

Thanks for reading today's nearly pointless post. :P

<3 Tawny

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Crazy, Beautiful Life

Okay so, here's some background info on this post.

I. Despise. MTV.

Never has a show caught my eye for more than an episode. And that's only happened when joining others at the TV and they're already watching. (for example: Teen Mom 2 - don't even get me started)

Over my Spring Break, my sister introduced me to this show called Awkward. It's an MTV show.  I hated myself for even enjoying it at first. But then my obsession killed any and all guilt, and now I look forward to every new episode. I went through the whole day yesterday (Tuesday), waiting for it to be 9 o' clock, because it was the highlight of my schedule. Pitiful? Meh, there are worse things.

After the new episode Awkward was over, this show called the Girl Code came on. Since it didn't look too horrible, I was too lazy to move, and mostly because the previews had me laughing my bum off, I decided to keep MTV on. Whoops! I think I love this show now too. Dang.

Then, I continued to play games on my computer and left the TV on with MTV playing and, did you know Ke$ha has a new show? I didn't. But I love her music. I own all three of her albums. So I watched that show too. I think it was the series premiere? Anyway. It was amazing.

I've been following Ke$ha on FB and Twitter for years now, and I've seen the tabloids, read the stories, heard the rumors, questioned her over-obsession over glitter, but I've never even thought about her as a Person. I always try to the person inside the coat of skin we usually fail to look past. But with celebrities, it's difficult. You're not really able to see past their looks or what you here, because most of the info you get from them, is from the internet or magazines. You can't sit down and chat, or hang out with them. Their too busy for that, you know, being famous?

I love Tweeting :)

Anyway, I can't even tell you how many times I got choked up while watching that show! I never would have guessed that I would relate to her more than I have in the short time slot of seeing only a Blip of her life. I've been heartbroken, I've been bullied, I've been doubted. So has she. I know I'm not the only one in the world going through my troubles, but hearing/seeing for yourself... well, it hits home. One of her fans made a scrapbook for her and wrote a letter in it to her, confiding his story. She accepted his gift, listened to him, read that letter (in front of him), gave him a hug, and instilled a new bud of confidence in that kid. (getting emotional again.) It takes a good, kind person to be able to provide that comfort for another, and Ke$ha fits that category. I love and respect her so much more. Just for that episode, and I can't wait to see next weeks, and find out more about Krazy Ke$ha.

Maybe I'll even appreciate glitter like she does... eventually.

Confession: When "Hello Kitty" and I split up, I remember doing everything in my power to keep my mind off of things. I think I rearranged my entire room twice that night. While listening to my iTunes, the song "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" came on and I remember absolutely losing it. Sobbing. While I still tried to sing along. To this day, if I'm even slightly emotional, and that song comes on. It makes me at least tear up. Not because I'm still sad, but because it takes me to that emotional vulnerability, and I instantly connect with the song. It's crazy what 3 minutes of words and rhythm can do to you.

So for those of you who don't like Ke$ha (or any other artist), do it because you don't like her music, not because you think you don't like Her. She deserves better. She stands for so much better.

I guess, what I'm saying, is maybe MTV isn't so bad... (and then True Life came on...*shiver*)

Thanks for reading guys,
<3 Tawny

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rain, Rain, Stay and Play

I had plans for another post today, but I decided today's weather is fit for posting.

It's raining.

It's April!

It's Spring!
Get over it!

Especially for those of us living in the Midwest, mostly Wisconsin... You KNOW that the weather is unpredictable, and our seasons change daily!

On the way to class today, I saw people Cowering under each other's umbrellas, Shivering because they were stupid enough to wear short sleeve tees, and dirty feet because... "well it's not snowing, so I've got to show off my pedicure, right?"

Go home.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Now slap yourself for being dumb.

CHECK THE WEATHER BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR ROOM! Actually, check it before you get dressed, because that'll save you heartache.

For those of you complaining that your day is ruined by the rain? Well, shame on you! Rain is a Beautiful thing and a gift from Mother Nature. Rain helps things grow. Rain brings Flowers. Flowers are wonderful. If you don't like flowers, for any other reason than you're allergic, I don't like you. Truly, I don't.

Enjoy this weather. If I see those complaining about rain and wishing for it come summer, I'll pinch your face.

Wake up. Pay attention. Don't be dumb. Be thankful it's not snowing. Seriously. Now that, I've had enough of.

You're welcome,
<3 Tawny

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook: Part 2

It's been a while since Part 1*, so I guess we're finally due for Part 2.

*Apologies in advance, my brain has been MIA this past weekend, and I can't spell a single word correctly. It's probably going to take me twice as long to type this up because I keep having to go back and fix things. If I miss a few words here or there, don't judge?

On to today's topic!
Last time I talked about my issues with Facebook, I talked about relationship statuses and birthday messages. Recently, I had a birthday, in case you didn't know, but I'm sure you did. I Was going to hide the info just for the day and expirement with people who actually would know if it were my birthday? Yeah, I forgot, and I probs got about 100 generic messages saying, "Happy Birthday" some were creative, so I gave those ones a like, but for the people who simply said Happy Birthday because Facebook told them to, nah.
I hate that I forgot to take that stupid thing off. If you don't talk to me on a regular basis, and I Know that you don't know when my birthday is, so Staaahp!

But alas, I shall move on, as I've already discussed this topic before.

Here's what I love, yet something that kind of grinds my gears.

"Need Addresses for Invites!"
- "I'm getting married!"
- "I'm having a baby!"
- "I'm throwing a make-up party!"
Girl, please. I appreciate that you want to invite me to whichever big day in your life, but wouldn't you only want those closest to you to attend your wedding? If I'm that person, shouldn't you have my number? Can't you at least call or text me? Make it more personal? I get that FB is faster and easier, but seriously, I don't want to post my address onto a wall where everyone and their creepy cousin can see where I live! I don't need a stalker!
The same thing goes to you women popping out babies every month! (Ugh, crazy thing about getting old. Having babies is a normal thing) but anyway, most of the women having babies on my FB, are women who I don't know that well, honey, I'm not buying your baby a gift unless we're hanging out on a regular basis or I'm promised babysitting rights. Then again, maybe that's not a good idea, I'll probably steal your baby. :P
And whatever other mass invites you're planning on trying to get me to attend and buy, stop. Shame on you, scamming the FB friends who only keep you to laugh at your dumb statuses. (Which reminds me, I need to go on a much needed friend cleanse soon.)

"New phone, message numbers"
Ohhhhhhhh this pisses me off. Severely. If you do this to me, you don't deServe my number. Be an adult, send me a private message. Ask for my number. If you're someone I haven't talked to since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!? don't you Dare click my name on that invite list. Unless you for real plan on making plans with me, fine. But then again, inbox me. Talk to me. Be More than my FB friend. If you really want my number show me. I don't mind giving it out, but just like my address, I do not plan on giving everyone and their stalker neighbor to see my number. I don't need no strange, breathy calls in the middle of the night. Now way Jose.

Until ya'll deserve my attention/presence/contact information, I'll be pressin' "Maybe."

<3 Tawny

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Messages From the Disney Princesses

Today's post is in support of the Disney Princesses.

A lot of material I see these days protest the 'evil' messages that shape a child's views on life. Let me just raise this point right away. The lessons that you learn as a child should not be blamed on the TV and movies you are subjected to. It should be the way your parents/guardians have taught you to interpret those lessons and messages. If you are only seeing the negatives in something, then that is not the media's fault. It is yours and your elder's fault for not having an open and positive mindset.

As young individuals, our minds are like sponges, and soak up all the information that we are fed. As boys and girls alike, we watch those classic Disney movies and fall in love with their stories and their charm. THAT'S OKAY!

How we, as people, interpret those stories of our childhood is Not Disney's fault, and it sure as Hell ain't the Princess' fault! How DARE you?!

Now, is where I shall start my rant.

I read blogs, I see FaceBook posts, and I see Pins that consistently bash the messages these women of our childhood have brought to us. And to all you feminists out there over-analyzing and over-looking* everything in your life. Stop. Honestly, I just think you're jealous that you weren't born a Prince or a Princess. Sorry sweetie.

*When you over-analyze a certain subject, you over-look the big picture, and end up creating a false illusion of something that was never there to begin with.

Many say that the only things that the Disney Princesses teach children, is that you have to be beautiful to get by in life, or if you cry enough that someone will save you, or you should wait for some mysterious prince to save you from your horrible life. No. You're wrong. Shut up. I don't like you. Yes, you can have your own opinions, but in my opinion, I think yours is wrong.


I read a blog today, as part of some background research, and to get my blood boiling, (and boy was this the perfect way to do so). This woman brought up some Amazingly stupid points, and reading it only brought me to believe she had never seen the movies. The post is called, "4 Terrible Lessons from Disney Princess Movies." In all honesty, I think this girl was just having a bad day and tried to justify it by lashing out on others. Not cool lady. Not cool. So, here are just Some of the lessons I've learned from the Disney Princesses and their stories.

My lessons:

1.) Snow White taught me to be kind and see the positives in everything. She also taught me to have fun, enjoy life, leave those behind who don't treat you with respect, and sing as often as possible.

2.) Cinderella taught me to always have hope and to be patient. It's okay to let things bring you down every once in a while, but you Will overcome the hardships.

3.) Ariel taught me that in order to get what you want sometimes, you have to take risks and make sacrifices. She gave up her best asset just to have a chance with the Prince.

4.) Belle taught me not to judge a book by its cover. Under someone's harsh exterior is a past that you can't see just by looking at them. You have to be patient and bring those walls down.

5.) Jasmine taught me to stand up for my beliefs. She didn't like the life that was handed to her, and tried to make it her own. When Aladdin lied to her, she didn't forgive right away, he had to earn her trust back.

6.) Pocahontas told me pretty much the same thing as Jasmine. And, she made me appreciate canoeing. :)

7.) Mulan taught me how to prove people wrong and fight stereotypes!

8.) Rapunzel taught me to have faith in myself.

9.) Merida taught me to chase my dreams and have courage.

10.) Giselle taught me not to let the weight of the world get me down.

I feel like everyone should obtain these lessons and more from the princesses.

Also. Here's something I found on Pinterest today.

I am a princess. We all, are Princes(ses). We all deserve the title(s).

To this day, I find inspiration in these women, men, and movies in general. It's not hard to see the positive when you stop being a grudge.  

Sorry for making this so long. I actually even shortened a lot of it. I could go on forever.

<3 Tawny

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Day Without Shoes

Yesterday, April 16, 2013, was A Day Without Shoes. This is a TOMS event that happens yearly, on said date.

If you know me, you know I never simply give money to a charity. I don't trust that it will go to the cause I'm supporting. I know not all of it does. No, I want to see it for myself. So I don't give money. I give time. I give shoes. I trust TOMS. I love what they do. By buying and wearing their shoes, I'm supporting the cause and spreading awareness by wearing their brand. (Which, also, if you knew me, I don't wear/buy brand name items either.)

If you don't know what TOMS are, I don't know where you've been for the past few years, but click on the name to go to the site. I'll wait while you browse.

Anyway, I was one of many students on my campus, and hopefully many elsewhere, who participated in yesterday's event. I would like to tell you how my day went.

I live in Starin, and work in Hyer, while walking to work, no one saw me. At work, no one noticed. Which is weird that no one said anything to me, since I work in an office. While at work, I decided to take a gander at the TOMS website myself. I bought a pair. Now, a kid somewhere, who doesn't have a pair of shoes to call their own, will be getting one. You're welcome sweetie.

Moving on. While walking back to my home, I stepped on a piece of glass and tripped over a rise in the sidewalk, scuffed my foot. My feet hurt, but that didn't stop me, I was raising awareness. I was supporting a cause.  I kept walking.

I went to class. Still, not a word from my peers. After class though, a friend asked me, "What's with the bare feet?" I told him about the significance of the day and he replied, "Oh, well, I'll have to take off my shoes when I get home then." Is that how people support causes these days? By sitting alone in their room? While no one else can see? I'd rather you not support, than support in fear. I kept walking.
While walking through my fancy, business building, a faculty member walked past me and said, "You lost your shoes! You lost your shoes! You lost your shoes!" Before she got to far, I tried to tell her what day it was. She kept walking and instead laughed at me. I kept walking.

When I got to my next class, my professor said, "No shirt, no shoes, no service." In my head, I thought, "Damn, I wore a dress today, guess I'm out of luck." And then another student said, "Yeah, seriously, where are your shoes?" I told the same thing I had told others. My professor smiled in understanding, my peer said, "Well, guess wearing my barefoot shoes was a good idea today." I should've said otherwise, but I only responded with a half-smile. In my head though, I screamed, "YOU'RE STILL WEARING SHOES!!!" But, I didn't want to start a fight or anything, so I kept my mouth shut.

No body said anything the rest of the day to me, but I kept walking. The entire day, shoes did not touch my feet. By the end of the night, my feet hurt a little, and I had to change up the way I walked, because the concrete kept scraping at the heels of my feet. It was worth it I think. The few people that I was able to tell learned a bit. They maybe didn't fully grasp the concept, but who knows, maybe someone will at least check out TOMS. Or buy a pair of shoes, or sunglasses, or any sort of memorabilia. That would be nice. To spread the word. That's all I aim to do.

I have no control over what you do, but I do have control over what you see.

On Tuesday, April 16th, 2013, I walked in someone else's shoes, by forfeiting my own.

<3 Tawny

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Failed Relationships = Lessons Learned

Hello again.

Recently, I've been evaluating my past and reflecting on certain things I've learned from some of the disappointments and heartbreaks I've encountered in my life. Now, I'm not here to just talk about me and make you all read about something that doesn't apply to you, because I really think this does.

I'm a hopeless romantic. All I've wanted since I was about 5, was to find that perfect man who would sweep me off my feet, fall in love with me, marry me, and have two wonderful children to raise, and then grow old with me as we watch our children do the same. What I would love, is to be the housewife and take care of the house and children while my husband's at work. He'll come home and dinner will be ready. Afterwords, we'll put the kids to bed and spend time together until it's our own bedtime. Maybe that's too much to ask for these days. But I haven't given up yet.

I want you to take life for the positives And the negatives. Bad things happen, break ups are necessary. If one guy or girl, breaks your heart, then obviously you two weren't meant for each other. Move on. Do not let that keep you from falling for another. If that wall stays up, eventually it'll be permanent. Then, when you're ready to move on finally, you won't be able to, and you won't even remember the reason you put that wall up in the first place.

So, to show you that you're not alone in the struggle to find your 'perfect match,' allow me to provide insight on my own life for the past few years.

*Take notice. I have changed the names of all past boys who will be talked about in this from here on out. I guess unless you know my personal history, it will be easy to figure out, but I did it anyway, just in case.

1.) Depressive Ex: When we started dating in high school, I was treated like a princess. We were great together. When we moved to college, that's when everything changed. The jealousy bug kicked in for him, he become depressed (hence the name), he hated everyone and only ever wanted to spend time with me. After a while, I wasn't allowed to hang out with any of my friends unless it was in class. There's of course more to the story, as with all others, but very long story extra short - I found myself into being in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship. I went into the relationship with maybe 30-40% confidence level, left with about 12% confidence.

What I learned: Not to take shit from guys. If I'm not happy, it's not my fault. I know I deserve better.

2.) Hello Kitty: We began dating almost immediately after Depressive Ex and I split. I didn't want it to happen right away, but you can't fight the inevitable. For the first time in a while, I felt happy. He was the first person that I actually could see myself having a future with. We had fun all of the time and rarely fought about anything. If anything, it was moreso play fighting and we got over it quickly. Here's the downside to that relationship. He dumped me. Hardcore. Out of nowhere. Said he fell out of love with me. My heart was SHATTERED. It took me 8 months to get over that relationship and it only lasted 11 months. Wow.

What I learned: How to stand up for myself. Also, how to fight back, physically and mentally. During the healing process, I learned that it's okay to rely on others for support and take time for myself.

3.) Sentimentalist: I fell in love with this man before we even became official. We were great together. He was calm yet exciting, sweet and gentle yet sturdy, & passionate yet light-hearted. We dated for only 4 months, yet whilst it lasted, it was amazing. Always a catch: he cheated on me, at least once, probably twice. He lied a lot and did things behind my back, only to confess after the damage was done. Then he became sick, mostly mentally. I had to be strong for him, which only broke him even more.

What I learned: I am beautiful. Before him, no one ever told me I was beautiful. With him, not only did I hear it, but I felt like it too. For that, I will forever thank him. My confidence level went up to about 70-80% after him.

4.) Mr. Judgmental: Not going to lie, this man was a rebound. Someone to fill the void that Sentimentalist gave me. Longish story shortened - He rejected Me because I didn't share the same values as him and wouldn't change my belief system for him.

What I learned: I am me and I won't change for anyone. If they can't accept me for who I am, then let that be that.

5.) The Latest Tragedy(TLT): Basically, we had everything in common, and the interests we didn't share, well they basically just balanced each other out. All of his friends and all of my friends saw the future we could've had together. When I was with his family, I felt more at home than with my own sometimes. They accepted me right away, were genuinely interested in me and my aspirations, and I could see his parents even becoming my in-laws. TLT and I were what I thought to be Thee "Perfect Match". We often talked about what our future would look like together. Then it all crumbled before me. All of a sudden his values changed from my 50's housewife dreams and told me that if I wanted what I thought I wanted, I would never be able to have that with him. Well, after all of my previous lessons, I realized that maybe we weren't the perfect couple that I made our relationship out to be. We ended quicker than we started.

What I Learned: Use the lessons you learn and stand by them. If it didn't work before, it's not going to change just for one person. What I also learned, was that I am stronger than I ever thought I was before and I now know precisely what I need in a relationship and partner. I won't give up until I find exactly what I'm looking for.

So, that's about a day's worth of information covered within a few minutes of reading. If you have any questions about anything, anyone, or need more clarification on something. Please, feel free to ask away. I am an open book. I know I didn't cover really anything on any of the past men, so let me know your questions.

If you do or don't have any, I challenge you to reflect on the lessons you've learned from your past, whether it be relationships, mistakes, job terminations, etc. It's really quite invigorating and freeing.

With love,

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dolls of the World: Mexico Barbie

So, last week, I saw something on the news and then read an article later that day about the grief that Mattel is receiving for Mexico Barbie; one of 100 or so dolls of the world. They've been being released since the 1980's. This is the first time that so much angst has been created with these dolls.


Comments lie within the fact that the Barbie is too stereotypical and offensive because of her pink traditional dress and her Chihuahua! Are you kidding me?! How many Saint Bernards are you seeing in Mexico? Also, many people are upset because she has a passport. Shouldn't you be More upset if she didn't have a passport! Why is it just Mexico Barbie that's getting grief?! There are plenty of other (ahem, ALL) Barbies of the World that are in traditional clothing and also have outfits that best represent their country.

Holland Barbie is equipped with a traditional dress, double braids, and a rabbit. Are you offended?

*Gasp!* France Barbie has a beret and baguettes! I'm deeply offended. Aren't you too? Why not scream down Mattel's throat for this one?

No? No, we're just going to rant about Mexico Barbie, because Chihuahuas are stereotypical. Hm. Really? Everyone who's criticizing only Mexico Barbie can choke on a shoe.

I guess a lot of the hype coming from people and their ranting purposes are because of the immigration issues in the United States. Really? She's Mexico Barbie, not Mexican-American Barbie. Not, Immigrant Barbie. She's got a passport. I'd say she's got a good head on her shoulders and she's further along to exploring the world than most citizens of the United States.

Do You have a passport? No. If you do, how often do you use it?


Here, go punish the rest of the Barbies while you're at it. Stop being so exclusive. Be offended by them all. Dolls of the World

Thank you for your time and idiocy,
<3 Tawny

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Being Imperfect

Today I read this blog by Single Dad Laughing. It's called, The Disease Called "Perfection." It was not a laughable post, but more so, a thought provoker. The blog is a post about being perfect and the people who have been affected by this epidemic. The idea is irrational, and it is a disease. Too many of us, old, young, male, female, cool, uncool, are challenged with this pressure of being perfect All of the Time.

Demi Lovato advocates the "Love is Louder Than the Pressure to be Perfect" campaign. Lovatics, such as myself, have aided in the advocacy in spreading awareness to the cause. Too many of us, are diseased by societies idea of perfectionism. Credit for starting the project goes out to Brittany Snow.

Dove challenges us to be happy in our own skin by showing the negative affects of Photoshop in the media. It's a distortion of beauty. IT'S FALSE! What you see out there is NOT REAL! Here's a link to video on YouTube.

OperationBeautiful.com was started for this very reason.

It's not just about beauty. It's about having okay grades. It's about having a mismatched outfit. It's about running at your own pace. It's not just about having enough money to buy as you please. It's everything that we consider what makes a person "perfect."

It's simply about being Real. Being you. Doing you. Loving You. Appreciating those around you.

Look past the surface that is another person.

Even your biggest role model isn't perfect.

Back to the blog. The challenge at the end of his post was to confess your imperfections. Own up to your humanity!

My challenge? If you actually read this, go read his. Check out the links. Share them on the interwebs. You have a voice, use it. Provide for someone who thinks they're a human alone in world full of gods.

They aren't. You aren't. We're all human. Let everyone know.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Messed Up Dreams

Hello, been awhile.

I've officially realized that I suck at blogging. Take a look at my nail blog: prime example. I can't remember the last time I posted on there. *sigh* And then, to top that off, I always come back and say that I'm officially ready to start being consistent again. Nope. Chuck Testa. (Just kidding).

Anyway, I'm not going to rant today, I have nothing to rant about... for now.

Today, I have a story for you. My dreams, are seriously the Most effed up things in the world. I can't even begin to tell you how weirded out I feel every other day when I wake up after one of my dreams. Today/last-night I had three consecutive, effed up dreams.

Here's one for ya.

I was outside on my front lawn doing the laundry. Why I'm doing laundry outside, this is unknown. Why I'm outside in the first place, I don't even want to try to ponder that. So anyway, I'm doing laundry, outside, and this guy drives up and parks on the curb in front of my house. He starts Threatening me telling me that he's going to kidnap and rape me! He's just in his car, yelling at me. He said it would be my punishment for being so stupid. 

I guess it was my fault though. I was outside, doing the laundry, on my front lawn, NAKED, for all to see... 


Yeah, and that was only 1 of the 3 dreams I had today. I really don't understand the images my brain provides for me in my slumber sometimes...

Thanks for reading,
<3 Tawny