Monday, April 15, 2013

Dolls of the World: Mexico Barbie

So, last week, I saw something on the news and then read an article later that day about the grief that Mattel is receiving for Mexico Barbie; one of 100 or so dolls of the world. They've been being released since the 1980's. This is the first time that so much angst has been created with these dolls.


Comments lie within the fact that the Barbie is too stereotypical and offensive because of her pink traditional dress and her Chihuahua! Are you kidding me?! How many Saint Bernards are you seeing in Mexico? Also, many people are upset because she has a passport. Shouldn't you be More upset if she didn't have a passport! Why is it just Mexico Barbie that's getting grief?! There are plenty of other (ahem, ALL) Barbies of the World that are in traditional clothing and also have outfits that best represent their country.

Holland Barbie is equipped with a traditional dress, double braids, and a rabbit. Are you offended?

*Gasp!* France Barbie has a beret and baguettes! I'm deeply offended. Aren't you too? Why not scream down Mattel's throat for this one?

No? No, we're just going to rant about Mexico Barbie, because Chihuahuas are stereotypical. Hm. Really? Everyone who's criticizing only Mexico Barbie can choke on a shoe.

I guess a lot of the hype coming from people and their ranting purposes are because of the immigration issues in the United States. Really? She's Mexico Barbie, not Mexican-American Barbie. Not, Immigrant Barbie. She's got a passport. I'd say she's got a good head on her shoulders and she's further along to exploring the world than most citizens of the United States.

Do You have a passport? No. If you do, how often do you use it?


Here, go punish the rest of the Barbies while you're at it. Stop being so exclusive. Be offended by them all. Dolls of the World

Thank you for your time and idiocy,
<3 Tawny

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