Sunday, December 15, 2013

First Semester Wrap-Up

I'll keep this short.

But longer than a silly ol' FB status.

First off, congrats to all of my friends who have just graduated yesterday! Y'all are awesome folks and I can't wait to stalk your FB profiles to see where you end up next! ;)

Now, to turn the attention back onto me.

I was "done" with my first semester of graduate school last week after I turned in my last paper.

But todayyyy, we're officially done because we got our grades back!

Now, to say I did well, is one thing, but to say I kicked ASS is definitely more accurate.

This hasn't happened to me since my first semester of 6th grade.

*In sing-song*
I Got Three Aaaa's!
That makes a 4.000!

Take that lollipop and suck on it!

Sorry. Is that too much? My bad. Just a tad excited over here.
Actually I'm not sorry!

I'm happy to know that I am in the right profession and learning about exactly what I want to learn about.
Now, to relax for two weeks before I think about school again.

Peace out folks!

<3 Tawny