Friday, May 24, 2013

Have You SEEN This?!?

I saw this commercial today and you know, I'm not too happy about this product. 

The tv commercial starts off with a mom telling her daughter to clean her room. The girl proceeds to stuff her mess into her Tummy Stuffer and her mom walks in pleased as can be. Really? Because I'm sure my mom would've told me to put stuff away, not just stuff it in a bag that looks like an animal.
"You don't need to get a broom, Tummy Stuffers will clean your room!"

What is this teaching children? That you don't have to actually clean anything? Just stuff it in a bag? Who's bright idea was this? I want that person to slap themselves for me because this is just bad.

There are six TSs to choose from and apparently there are also Giant TSs as well. You know, so, in case you have a lot more crap that doesn't have a place to go, you stuff it in there.

What all can you do with a TS? Why, you can clean, store, organize, hide stuff, and then Hug it afterwards! Hm, if it's for hiding things, I'm pretty sure people are going to know where you're hidiing thiingss!

You know, one of the comments on the YouTube video I posted on here said something about hiding their weed! Exactly my problem with this.

I hop none of the parents I know buy this for their children. We're already destroying this generation by babying them, not teaching confrontation or communication skills, not disciplining them, supplying them with antibiotic everything, and altogether making them think that this is a Perfect Fucking World!


Your children deserve to learn about the negatives! They NEED to!


For crying out loud. Invent something useful; not something that teaches kids how to Not function properly in society!

Ugh, rant over.

<3 Tawny

p.s, what happens after you stuff all of your toys in this thing? You go to hug your bug friend and get stabbed in the throat by a Lincoln Log? Ouch!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Fun My Last Name Comes With

So, all of my life, people see my last name, and assume that I speak Spanish. Why? Because my name is Martinez?! I don't see the names O'Brian or Russo and assume you speak Irish or Italian, respectively. No!

Anyway, I want to share some recent correspondence I had with a company via my school email.

I received an email Sunday night, from one person, from one company. I will leave out the name of everything so as to avoid any future issues on my end. And, also to keep their pride up a bit.

-First Item-

Subject: Immediate Need for Spanish Interpreter
Date: Sunday, May 19, 2013 5:13 PM
Text: Hello, 
I found your contact on the University’s directory.  We are currently looking for fluent, preferably native, Spanish speakers for freelance interpretation jobs with healthcare organizations in the surrounding [CITY] suburban area.  Job pays $25/hr and .25/mile
I have an immediate need for an interpreter on:
5/21/13 at 830AM 5/23/13 at 8AM
5/28/13 at 330PM
5/30/13 at 445PM
All in [CITY]. 
No experience necessary.  Healthcare background helpful but not required.  Must have reliable transportation.   
Excellent part-time work while studying.  If interested, please contact me ASAP for more details.
If you are not available or if this message is not applicable, your referral would be very helpful and very much appreciated.
(Here's where I get irritated, so I replied to the message in the most kind and professional way I could muster.)
-Second Item-(My reply)

Text: Hello,
I apologize, but I do not speak any Spanish and I do not know of anyone in the area who would I could refer to you. My university has a website called HawkJobs where employers can post jobs for seeking students. There, you can also check resumes and contact students who have the qualifications that you are looking for.
Thank you,

-Third Item-
Subject: Spanish needed for medical interpretation job on 5/28/13, at 8:15AM
Monday, May 20, 2013 3:37 PM
Text: Hi,
I found your contact off the University’s website. We are a language company and we are currently in need of a Spanish interpreter for 5/28/13 @8:15am in [CITY]. Job pays $25/hr and .25/mile. No experience necessary, just needs to be native or near native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. Medical background helpful.
Please let me know if you can help or can refer someone.

(Now I'm upset)
-Fourth Item-(My reply)
Text: Hello,
I have already received an email from one of your colleagues and I have supplied my answer. My response to a second email from your organization shows a lack of organization and communication. I apologize, but I do not speak any Spanish and I do not know of anyone in the area who I could refer to you. Also, I don't think I would refer someone on the manner that business is conducted at [COMPANY]. I find it somewhat offensive that I am receiving this email once, let alone twice, because I am sure you saw my last name and noticed a Hispanic background. Yes, this is true, but neither myself nor my family speaks Spanish. 

For your benefit, I have provided some information that you and your organization can look into and use for the future.

My university has a website called HawkJobs where employers can post jobs for seeking students. There, you can also check resumes and contact students who have the qualifications that you are looking for.

Thank you,

What do you think about all of this? Am I being too harsh, or am I responding in the correct manner? In my opinion, receiving these emails is worse than getting Spanish telemarketer phone calls. Does anyone else ever have this problem?

Either way, though I'd share this with ya.

'Til next time,
<3 Tawny

Sunday, May 19, 2013

"How Does It Feel?!"

Not to appear ungrateful of everyone wishing me best wishes on my graduation, but ya gotta be more creative with your questioning. I get the same questions about my life daily from tons of people, and though it may be new information for you, you have to understand that I feel like a wind-up Barbie doll from the 90s.

---Every Conversation---

Person: Congrats! (pull string on Tawny Doll)
Tawny Doll: Thank you.
Person: How does it feel to be an alumni?! (Pull string)
TD: Like I'm an adult and I graduated.
Person: Oh yeah, you must not feel very different right now, huh? (Pull string)
TD: Not really
Person: I bet you're pretty relieved though, huh? (Pull string)
TD: Pretty much.
Person: So, when do you start working? Where? (Pull string)
TD: I don't know, because I don't have a job right now.
Person: I thought you had that interview in IL? (Pull string)
TD: I did, but I didn't like it.
Person: Oh that's right! Weren't you looking at some school or job or something somewhere? (Pull string)
TD: Yes, I was, but it didn't go as planned. So I'm still looking.
Person: Oh that's nice! So, are you just staying at home for now? (Pull string)
TD: Yupp.

---End Conversation---

Is anyone else going through Groundhog Day convos about this? If you haven't, you have to imagine how crazy and repetitive it must get.

This is why, when people break up, I don't ask, "What happened?"
When people get engaged, I don't ask, "How'd he pop the question?" (Although I did once and I hated myself for it)
When people have an exam, I don't ask if they're ready for it, or how they think it went afterwards. Mostly, because I know how anxious these questions make me when I get asked.

I'm not saying you should ask, or you shouldn't care, or like I said before, that I am ungrateful for your care and concern, but uh, tone the questioning down a bit. It's okay. Answers will come eventually, just sit back, watch the movie, and eat your popcorn.

Talk to ya'll later,
<3 Tawny

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I am a Bit of a Grammar Snob. Deal

It's understandable if you don't understand math or science. It's understandable if history facts get jumbled in your mind. It's okay that you can't remember the difference between a metaphor and a simile.

What's not okay is that simple grammar, lessons that have been drilled into our heads since we started school, are easily forgotten because it's, "too hard." :(

Human please! It's not hard, you're just being ignorant. Stop that!

Slap yourself on the hand for me.

Jess: Hey Jon, how are you?
Jon: I'm doing well; much better than yesterday. How about yourself?
Jess: Quite well. I was wondering, is this sweater yours? It was left in my living room last night.
Jon: No, it isn't mine. Maybe it's Tom's sweater.
Jess: I didn't think Tom brought a sweater.
Jon: You're crazy, Jess. That sweater must be your brother's then.
Jess: I really don't think so.
Jon: If it's not yours or your brother's, then it has to be Mick or Stan's.
Jess: Maybe you're right. I'll have to ask them if it's a sweater of theirs.
Jon: Good idea. Ask them, and I'll see you over there soon.
Jess: Oh! They're over there too! Let's just walk together!
Jon: That is just too funny! Well, I guess it's time to make our move.

Wow, that was a really boring conversation that I made up. But I hope that it gets my point across.

It's so easy to remember these rules. I don't understand why no one can get it right, ever.

If you seriously need help. Think about it this way. In order to ease your heavy brains that are filled with so much other muy importante information, learn one rule per word-set, and then think to yourself, am I using this word correctly?

You're = You are: If you are not saying "you are," then don't use you're.
There = A location: If you are not talking about where something is, re-evaluate
Too = Also: If you are not including something into the convo, then just use to.
Than = Comparison: Ex: I am better than you.

As for the rest, figure it out. Otherwise, don't use contractions and what not. The English language has 1,019,729 words for you to choose from. I'm pretty sure that you have options.

It's not that difficult. We've been learning about it since kindergarten. I don't care if you can't remember Pythagorean's Theorem. I don't care if you can't remember the date the Magna Carta was signed. But simple grammar? People who have learned English as a fourth language know it better than you.

You should be ashamed!

That is all, for now.

<3 Tawny

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Evil Is Inevitable

Yesterday I got a new tattoo. My sixth, to be exact.

Here's why:
Three semesters ago, I took my first philosophy class. This is where I first learned about the problem of evil. I mean, I've always known about evil, and I've always had an opinion on it, but I was never truly aware of my feelings. I was also never confident in my beliefs of a higher power. I knew there had to be something, but I never knew what. I wasn't raised with the Good Book, I wasn't brought to church every Sunday. I never practiced any religion. And honestly, I'm more than grateful for that. I've been able to develop morals, love, and faith in my own way. I've been able to view the world openly, through my own eyes.

We had to write a paper on this issue. While writing my paper, this is one of the phrases I used.
The next semester, I took another philosophy class. I couldn't get enough. In this one, we were able to write a paper about any topic that were passionate about. I ended up writing a 2200+ word paper on this subject. If anyone is interested in reading it, you can find the link HERE!

Evil is an everyday occurrence in life. We can't avoid it. Bad things happen, all of the time. This is the way it has to happen. According to the philosopher Leibniz, this is the best of all possible worlds.

Through the bad, through the negative, through all of the hard times we endure, we learn. We persevere. We become better people. Through evil, we come to embrace the good even more. How can we appreciate the good things in our life without knowing the worst?

You don't have to agree with me, as with any of my other posts. But this is what gets me through every day. This is what I've learned, from everything that I've been through. I embrace everything that life brings to me. Because I know the best is yet to come.

I didn't go into great detail in this post, because I do have a lot to say. So I would suggest that you read the paper I wrote. Understand my ideas. Understand me. See where I'm coming from. Even if you don't agree, have an open mind.

My philosophy

Monday, May 6, 2013

Embracing the Nap

I've always despised naps.

I find them to be a waste of precious time.

I always wake up feeling worse or more tired than I did before the nap.

That's why, I usually just drink coffee to get through the day. But this post isn't about coffee.

It's about naps.

Recently, naps have been my savior.

They're actually starting to grow on me.

In fact, I'll be taking one as soon as I return to my room after work.

I can't wait.

Who am I?!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm Not A Feminist But...

...don't you Dare challenge my femininity!

Last Wednesday, I packed up all of my gaming consoles except for my Xbox. I need that. But away went my SNES, my PS2, my Gamecube, and all of their games. (Also my dvd player, but that doesn't matter.)

Anyway, on Thursday, some random guy, we'll call him Jake, came by to visit. I've never met him, but he was someone else's guest. Who cares. I bring friends over all of the time, nothing out of the norm. I was busy doing my own thing, minding my own business, and getting ready for a class that I had to leave for within the next 20 minutes. If you saw my twitter last Thursday, you kind of know what happened, but I'm going to go into a bit more detail.

Here's why:
I want Everyone to know how much of a Dick, that guy was, and how Terrible he made me feel, because all but two people, understood my side. So, I want more on my side.

I was making me some grilled cheeses to scarf down before class. "Jake" is looking around the suite, which is pretty bare since taking down most of the decor and packing a lot of things, and sees my Xbox. 

He asks, in a semi-snarky, mostly just questioning tone, "Who's xbox is that?"

All of the roommates point to me. as he turns around to face me I say, "Yeah, it's mine."

Here's where I get Ticked.

"Why do you have an Xbox?" he asked in a condescending tone.

"To play games?" I replied in confused manner. I didn't quite know how to respond to him.
"Really??" Jake was still acting pretty condescending towards me. This is where I began to take offense.

"Why else would I have an xbox?" I figured it would be an obvious answer, because...well, it's a gaming console. That's kind of why they were invented? But he didn't see it that way.
"Well I don't know, some girls/people buy them to watch DVDs or Netflix," he said as if it would uncover the 'real' reason why I got it.

Now, before I continue. Let my explain some things for you. I received my Xbox as a gift from my parents for Christmas this past holiday. It was a bundle that came with the Skylanders game and whatever. I have been wanting an xbox for a while now. Just never got around to purchasing one.
Xbox bundle: $200ish? If I wanted to have something to watch DVDs with, I'm not going to spend $200 for a gloridied DVD player. Plus, I already had a PS2, and an actual DVD player, that I could have used for that reason.
Gold membership: $60 for 12 months. Um, hello? If I wanted to have a device just to play Netflix? I could use the laptop that I already have and hook it up via HDMI cable, which, btw, I did before I had my xbox. I'm not going to drop $260+ just for that.
No. I'm going to play Video Games.

Anyway, to continue:
"Why would I buy an xbox just to watch movies on when I can play DVDs with my PS2, or my actual DVD Player?! "

"You have a PS2?" Jake was still being an ass.
"Yeah, I just packed up it up yesterday. Want me to get them," I asked angrily.
"Oh, well, you're not a real gamer anyway unles you have the old stuff," Jake said in a snooty, stuck-up, I'm better than you voice.
"What do you mean," I inquired. Now I was even more offended and just plain dumb-founded.
"Well, like, you don't know anything unless you have a Super Nintendo or..." This is where I had enough. I cut him off.
"I Have a SNES. And a PS2. And a Gamecube. Let me take you to my house! I can show you everything else we've got!" I was mad.
"Sounds like you're trying to challenge me."
"Are you KIDDING me? You're the one challenging me by saying I don't know anything about 'gaming'!" 

At this point. I gave up. I don't need to defend my person. I sure as Hell don't need people questioning my person either. Yes. I am a girl. Yes, I like to play video games. No. I'm not the best, but I have fun. That's just how I was raised. Sorry, if that throws you off, I really don't give a shit.

What I Should've done at that point, was kick him out. I had every right to. But alas, I'm not a dick. So, after my grilled chesses finished cooking, I shoveled them into my mouth and left. Later that night though. I told the person who invited him, that he was no longer welcome in the suite. At least while I'm still around. Hecky naw! I don't need to deal with idiots.

Fuck you "Jake".

You don't respect me. I sure as heck ain't respecting your privacy. Just be happy I changed your name.

<3 Tawny