Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Whole New World: Texas

I left for Texas on Sunday, July 7th. So for my last week(end) and a half I tried to see as many friends as I could. I posted my story in my blog for two reasons: because I knew it was worth telling, and I wanted to create a big build up. I also don't want to post my whole life in FB statuses. Not too classy. Oh, and I wanted to tell as many people as I could in person so it wasn't too much of a sudden shock.

So I guess that's four reasons. Whoops, can't count.

But anyway, if you didn't know that I left Wisconsin by now, don't be upset with me, be upset with yourself. I tried to tell you.

Before I continue, I would just like to thank my parents and my grandmother for helping me move all my junk across the country. Thank ya'll again for your help, I really did appreciate it.

My New Apartment:
I took these pictures a few days ago and it has since been cleaned and decorated further, but I didn't feel like taking new pictures so... Sorry not sorry. Take what you can get.

Living Room




Hallway - From bedroom to living room



It's small, but it's just enough for me and my needs, and Iiiiii Like it! :D

Upon moving here, I've been getting to know my staff and hanging out with everyone as much as possible. We're so close already that we broke in Cards Against Humanity with the new grads right away. What a great time that was! I already can not wait for the next game night. :)

Also, that night before CAH, we went out to dinner and then got ice cream. There's a place called The Arrogant Texan, and they make an ice cream with real beer. Not beer flavored, real beer. They also have an Olive Oil ice cream. I didn't try it, but I heard that it tastes like string cheese.

Anyway, beer ice cream. Good. I want more. If you come visit me, we can have some together. :)

Beer ice cream with a sprinkle cone

I started training this week, so far it's been great. It's my favorite time of the year and I just love learning about my campus, my job, and my staff. We all have so much fun together. I could not have been blessed with a better job!

My supervisors are fantastic as well. For our first meeting together we went to Starbucks for coffee. I'm not mad. Haha, I truly feel I'm going to have an amazing experience here for the next couple of years!
Blog Exclusive Uniform Shot! ;)
Talk to ya'll later!
<3 Tawny


  1. Very nice Tawny but what's up with you and Alyssa............bed against the wall? Looks like you're happy and that's all that counts..........right?

    1. Haha, that's how the furniture was set up when I moved in, so I went with it. :)