Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Question the World Around You

Now please, I do not, by any means, intend for this get people flustered. I'm not knocking any religions, points of view, or perspectives on life in general. This is my opinion and just something that surfaced to my brain when I saw this picture posted on Facebook a few nights ago.

The original poster of this photo was "The Atheist's Bible Commentary" page on Facebook  
This raised quite a question in my mind. We take so many things for granted in this world. Including knowledge and faith. What is contradictory to me, are the things we don't question when to me, I feel like those are the things that should be. Faith doesn't seem to be questioned as much I think it should be. Granted, as a whole, it is questioned everyday by people trying to find the religion or spiritual pathway that may fit them and their lifestyle the best. And Granted, faith is about believing, but isn't seeing/knowing believing? There's a reason why it's called "Blind Faith". Take the blindfold off.

What Mark Twain brings up with his quote is that with the things he does not yet understand, he will in time. Fine, not a problem. But, as for the things he does understand, that's when it's time to question.
You can't intelligently question something you don't understand, you have to find the 'facts' first. Once you understand, you should question. Why is it that when it comes to the Bible, everything in it is fact because it's the word of God. How do we know for sure? It's impossible. On top of that, the Bible has gone through so many translations over the years, that there's no denying, some points had to have been lost in translation.

What tends to worry me, is that we're taking our faith(s) for granted. We do as we're told, because God tells us to. Why? How do we know for sure? You sit in church, and listen to the pastor/father/(other) tell you his translation of the what the Bible says.

Every religion interprets it differently. 
Yet every religion claims that its own interpretation is the correct one.
How in the world can we possibly know that?
If everyone claims they're right, then how can anyone be wrong? What if everyone actually is correct? Maybe that's how God intended it. But at the same time, who the Heck are you to tell another that they're wrong? You don't know. You'll never know. Until you pass on, that's when the final test ensues. So how about we all agree to disagree, and leave each other the fuck alone? Before you judge or condemn another person for a different point of view,(which by the way, that is not your place) evaluate your own damn self and put yourself in another mindset. Question things. It's okay.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Everyone Has A Story

It seems to me that as humans in society, we long to be different than everyone else. To be unique. To add some kind of new spice to the mix. Yet, when we take the time to actually look at one another, we've all been through the same basics. We've all been through some kind of traumatizing childhood experience. We've all been in some sort of relationship that's led to heartbreak. And we all crave human interaction, connection, and companionship. Even the person who claims he doesn't need anyone in his life, and that he's independent, craves someone every once in a while to satisfy his natural human desires. In a way, we all have something in common. Because of this, everyone has a story and everyone wants to share it with someone.

Aside from this, I've come to notice something.

Everyone wants to be known for something. So, we document our lives, minds, and imagination in ways we don't always realize, just so we can share with another. Now, I like to dabble - in many things. One thing I tend to dabble in is writing. I've tried poems, I've tried songs, I have random diary/journal entries for my own eyes, obviously I blog, and I've tried authorship. I always wanted to be something, to be famous for it or something. Everyone else who did it, made it in the world. I felt that I was never creative enough for stuff like that. So I always though I was the only one. Coming to college, I found a few others like me. And more recently, I've discovered many a friend who are in the process of writing one or more books.

I thought of something today, those people - authors, singers, poets, etc - have told their story. Even fantasy writers, their story comes from their imagination, but it's still theirs.

Everyone has a story. We all just tell it differently.

T.V. these days, tell us we're not interesting enough to be put on a reality show, or don't have the right look for a chance to audition for a talent show. Don't listen to them. Listen to me. You have a story, and you as an individual are interesting. Don't be afraid to share that story with anyone, in any form. It's a natural feeling to want to share a part of you with someone, so do it. and remember, You're not alone.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook: Part 1

Facebook, and just about every other social networking site are corrupting all of society. Our society these days is so dependent on updating our pictures and profiles online that our worlds are starting to completely revolve around the internet. I won't pretend that I'm not a victim, because I am. I have a Twitter, a Facebook, two blogs, multiple email accounts, a Netflix, etc. I go on Lulztruck frequently. I check Questionable Content everyday Monday-Friday. I even do most of my shopping online. I can't help it. But the problem I'm finding is when Facebook even takes rule over the conscious mind.

I was hanging out with a friend and her sister  about a month ago, and overheard a conversation about a recent break-up. It was a normal convo until one of them said, "They've been broken up for a week now and his profile picture still has her in it. Don't you think that once you break up with someone you would change your profile pic?" Really?? That's what were concerned about? A picture? What about the well being of the two of them?!

Then of course, there's the whole relationship status factor. "It's not official until it's Facebook official." Oh? So nothing in my life is relevant or accurate until I put it on Facebook? My relationships don't count unless Everyone knows about it? Oh, okay. Thanks for letting me know.

Do you not see how ridiculous this is?
One more thing for now. Birthdays. I kind of detest the people who see that it's someone's birthday, and nonchalantly posts Happy Birthday... Did you actually know that it was your so-called friends birthday, or did Facebook tell you to post a pointless message? No one likes getting 83 notifications when each post is the exact same thing. One. After. Another... If you're friends with them, at least make the message something personal. If you had absolutely no idea that their birthday was even coming up soon and you haven't even talked to that person on 1+ years, don't even bother. No one needs your fake friendliness. You wanna wish me a happy birthday, great, talk to me in real life two please? Much appreciated.

Don't be this person.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


What ever really did happen to chivalry? I don't mean the 80's romantic comedy kind that Emma Stone speaks of in the movie Easy A, and I'm not necessarily talking about opening the door for a girl while smiling in kindness as she nods her head in thanks. I know that kind of chivalry is out there. I've been blessed enough to experience it myself. I'm talking of the romantic side of things.

Courting. Getting to know a girl before you decide you like her.

Dating. Getting to know her further because you like her and you want to see if the two of you are compatible. Then, taking that next step further by entering into a committed relationship because you can see some kind of future and you want to learn everything about her. I feel like that doesn't happen anywhere except for in the media. In movies, love is portrayed as something that just happens. On t.v. romance is oversimplified with extravagant dates and candlelit dinners. Neither of those are real, but I have to believe that somewhere, somehow, forms of those are truly real.

Back in earlier times, men stood on the right side of a woman because if one were to throw their garbage outside of their window from the second story of an apartment building on top of a bakery, just as the couple were to walk past, then then man would risk his being to keep the woman from getting the flack.

Chivalry. Where is it?

Romance. It has to be out there somewhere. In the media, you see well thought out dates and plans to spark romance so that by the end of the night, a certain chemistry experiment will be brought to the test. A kiss good night. Simple, yet extremely important. I don't think I've ever had that. I have only once had a man ask me on an actual date before. That date brought the chemistry between us to life. It's been two years. Multiple guys have tried to get me to fall for them, to become my boyfriend, even the plausibility of marriage in the distant  future was brought up. Now, I'm not saying I haven't been on a date in two years, but with all of the chasing that's gone on, not once have I been asked on a proper date. Usually, it's me begging for a nice dinner date. It seems as if I walk into nothing but dead ends.

I don't need a John Cusack outside my window with a boombox, by any means. Although, it would be kind of cute. All I want, is a guy to say, "Tawny, I would like to take you out to dinner, and maybe afterwords go on a walk together." Is that too much to ask, or am I really just a hopeless romantic?